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About Us

Smiley and Elona cruised around the Caribbean in the early '90s and eventually arrived in lovley St.Maarten were they finnally settled down, opening a chandlery with services and a crew house.


Smiley and Elona have had Smilers Crewhouse in operation since 2000, increasing size and quality each year maintaining high standards and the primary spot in the business.


Having worked hand in hand with Mega Yachts, captain's and crew for 15 years they have the experience of being able to share their extensive knowledge with the crew to help them on their journey into the Yachting Industry.


Having retired last year they are now fully focused on the Crew House, keeping it at the premier standard it has always had.


They live on property and therefore they can provide in-depth advice and assistance to crew.

They have close connections with car rental companies, taxis and Maritime School

They are fortunate to have extensive connections in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Antibes, Monaco Genoa etc.

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